If you need assistance with installing an app that came with the Android App Pack Premier 6, please go back to the Support page for the Android App Pack Premier 6. Then, click on the option to submit your question via email support.

For all other issues, please contact the support for the individual app. We have provided a list of the apps and their support contact below:

Smart Office 2
- Developer: Picsel
- Description: This leading office application lets you create, edit, share and print Microsoft® Office and other documents. View PDF documents, edit directly within your documents, and print to wireless printers.
- Help Link: http://www.picselsmartoffice.com/faqs_how_tos

Syncables 360
- Developer: Syncables, LLC
- Description: Wirelessly sync photos, music, videos, documents & contacts from your PC or Mac to your phone.
- Help Link: http://support.syncables.com/portal

Pathaway GPS
- Developer: MuskokaTech Inc. https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=MuskokaTech+Inc.
- Description: Off-road GPS navigation, tracking and mapping software for recreational or professional use.
- Help Link: support@pathaway.com

Picshop Photo Editor
- Developer: esDot Development Studio
- Description: Beautiful design combined with tons of editing options and dozen's of filters make this the premier mobile editing suite on the market.
- Help Link: support@esdot.ca

Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary
- Developer: Paragon Software
- Description: Perfect dictionary for easy, on-the-go definitions with 15,000+ entries.
- Help Link: http://www.penreader.com/support/index.html

MyBackUp Pro
- Developer: Rerware, LLC
- Description: Create backups of your phone’s important data, and restore to any phone MyBackup Pro supports, regardless of the platform.
- Help Link: support@rerware.com